Transportation and logistics team

  • Transportation office, drivers (18-years old, B-driving license)
  • Freight logistics

The most important task of volunteers working in the transport and logistics team is to make sure that people and goods are in the right place at the right time during the event.

In the transport team, we coordinate transports through the transportation office. As a driver, I take care of the organization’s transport needs as well as passenger transport with the equipment assigned to the task. As a driver, I have a valid driver’s license, local knowledge, and some language skills.

In the logistics team, we coordinate goods logistics at the central warehouse, at material receptions and we participate in the distribution of materials. We take care of furniture relocations and assist other teams in logistical tasks. During the event, we take care of material deliveries to different regions and sectors. After the event, we will collect everything on display. We are self-initiated, and we have a flexible way of working.