Safety and traffic team

  • Security Stewards (18-years old)
  • Access Control
  • Parking and Traffic Services (18-years old, B-license)

The most important task of the volunteers working in the safety team is to enable that public and stakeholders are enjoying the event and ensure a safe event environment.

The safety team is noticed, and the team is approached with many different types of questions. We are, of course helpful at the same time as carrying out the task given to us.

  • As a security steward, I have a valid security steward card and I am at least 18 years old. As security stewards, we are customer service oriented, creating a sense of security for the event with our presence.
  • As an access controller, my job is to check the access rights of accreditation passes in the event area. Access controllers are customer service oriented and always ready to help the customer in any case.
  • In the parking areas, we act as traffic controllers and parking guides, taking care of the smooth flow of the traffic and parking areas. For most customers, we are the first touch point to the event they face, so we have an excellent customer service spirit and also patience.