Operational support team

  • Volunteer Office
  • Call Centre
  • Accreditation Office

The most important task of the volunteers working in the operational support team is to take care of the support functions for the event staff and to react quickly even in challenging situations.

At the Volunteer Office, we are customer service oriented. We have the necessary basic technical skills (basic skills in the use of MS Office programs), we operate systematically and solve even difficult situations under pressure quickly.

At the Call Center, we take care of internal needs during the event quickly and centrally. Our task is to serve the people working in the event organization and to pass information between different teams. We are prompt and can come up with creative solutions.

At the Accreditation Office, we take care of the accreditation of stakeholders operating in the event venue (including volunteers and other service providers). We are ready to help in all situations related to accreditation and have good language skills.