Events support team

  • Program Services
  • Partner Care
  • Media Services

The most important task of the program assistants working in the event production team is to take care of the services of different customer groups.  Assignments consist of public service support functions, tasks related to the event partners and media services.

In the program service team, our job may consist of, for example, welcoming performers and interviewees and take care of their needs. We are part of a team that takes care of the distribution of prizes and assists in its implementation. Some of us help announcers, hosts, presenters, video production, and musicians in their work. As a program assistant, we are brave to act and communicate fluently in Finnish and English. As a technical assistant, we have knowledge of technology and we also know the sport like our own pockets.

In the partner service team, our role is to help and take care of the partners and their needs in the event venue. We are happy, energetic, and customer service oriented.

In the media service team, we take care of domestic and international media representatives. We enable the media to focus fully on their work. We are multilingual, customer service oriented, proactive and flexible.