Construction team

  • Temporary construction
  • Signs and visual appearance
  • Construction/Electricity and IT

 The main task of the volunteers working in the construction team is to take care of the construction of the venue’s infrastructure for the event according to the construction schedules and area maps. The event area will be temporarily built to serve the event and its stakeholders.

In the construction team, we do various construction and renovation work before, during and after the event. We have a hard-working attitude and good craftmanship.

In the construction team, we take care of installing and dismantling the signs. We cover the event with the look and feel designed for it down to every corner and detail. We take care of customer guidance and comfort, and we play a very strong role in creating a positive customer experience.

In the construction service team, we understand and know how to manage technical equipment and software. We build a lot of temporary connections and ensure the functionality of the technical equipment put into temporary use. Our tasks include e.g. installation tasks, cabling and assisting customer groups.