Thank you for your interest towards volunteering at 2022 Grand Prix of Finland.

Volunteer program for summer 2022 is not open yet. Stay tuned as more information on volunteering will be updated here closer to the event.

You can access the application form for new volunteers here.

If you already have been volunteering at World Cup (Lahti Ski Games) competitions in Lahti (2016 – 2020) or at MotoGP Test -event, you can sign up here.  


We seek volunteers for teams listed below. Click on the team for more information and detailed task description.

Are you allowed to bring your own camping chair to the standing spectator area?

Yes you are.

Spectator services team

  • Customer service in different channels (social media channels, phone)
  • Spectator information points
  • Spectator areas

The most important task of spectator services volunteers is to contribute to a good atmosphere with a brisk customer service attitude.

In the spectator service team, we will help, guide, and ensure the comfort of the audience at the event. We are interested in the cleanliness of the area and general appearance of the event venue and we will make sure that everything works properly for the customers.

The event is attended by audience from several different countries, so we also have language skills. The most important thing in the task, is a brisk attitude, happy mind, and the courage to act.

Safety and traffic team

  • Security Stewards (18-years old)
  • Access Control
  • Parking and Traffic Services (18-years old, B-license)

The most important task of the volunteers working in the safety team is to enable that public and stakeholders are enjoying the event and ensure a safe event environment.

The safety team is noticed, and the team is approached with many different types of questions. We are, of course helpful at the same time as carrying out the task given to us.

  • As a security steward, I have a valid security steward card and I am at least 18 years old. As security stewards, we are customer service oriented, creating a sense of security for the event with our presence.
  • As an access controller, my job is to check the access rights of accreditation passes in the event area. Access controllers are customer service oriented and always ready to help the customer in any case.
  • In the parking areas, we act as traffic controllers and parking guides, taking care of the smooth flow of the traffic and parking areas. For most customers, we are the first touch point to the event they face, so we have an excellent customer service spirit and also patience.

Environmental services team

  • Environmental officers
  • Environmental sorting advisors

The most important task of the volunteers working in the environmental team is to take care of the cleanliness and general appearance of the area during the event.

In the environmental team, we maintain cleanliness by monitoring and reporting any deficiencies observed. We are interested in cleanliness as well as the general appearance of the event venue and we make sure that everything works properly for the customer.

In the environmental team, we make sure that sorting takes place, and we want to advice audience and our partners to create an environmentally friendly event.

We are proactive, environmentally conscious, brisk, and active, and we have a customer service -oriented way of working.

Transportation and logistics team

  • Transportation office, drivers (18-years old, B-driving license)
  • Freight logistics

The most important task of volunteers working in the transport and logistics team is to make sure that people and goods are in the right place at the right time during the event.

In the transport team, we coordinate transports through the transportation office. As a driver, I take care of the organization’s transport needs as well as passenger transport with the equipment assigned to the task. As a driver, I have a valid driver’s license, local knowledge, and some language skills.

In the logistics team, we coordinate goods logistics at the central warehouse, at material receptions and we participate in the distribution of materials. We take care of furniture relocations and assist other teams in logistical tasks. During the event, we take care of material deliveries to different regions and sectors. After the event, we will collect everything on display. We are self-initiated, and we have a flexible way of working.

Operational support team

  • Volunteer Office
  • Call Centre
  • Accreditation Office

The most important task of the volunteers working in the operational support team is to take care of the support functions for the event staff and to react quickly even in challenging situations.

At the Volunteer Office, we are customer service oriented. We have the necessary basic technical skills (basic skills in the use of MS Office programs), we operate systematically and solve even difficult situations under pressure quickly.

At the Call Center, we take care of internal needs during the event quickly and centrally. Our task is to serve the people working in the event organization and to pass information between different teams. We are prompt and can come up with creative solutions.

At the Accreditation Office, we take care of the accreditation of stakeholders operating in the event venue (including volunteers and other service providers). We are ready to help in all situations related to accreditation and have good language skills.

Construction team

  • Temporary construction
  • Signs and visual appearance
  • Construction/Electricity and IT

 The main task of the volunteers working in the construction team is to take care of the construction of the venue’s infrastructure for the event according to the construction schedules and area maps. The event area will be temporarily built to serve the event and its stakeholders.

In the construction team, we do various construction and renovation work before, during and after the event. We have a hard-working attitude and good craftmanship.

In the construction team, we take care of installing and dismantling the signs. We cover the event with the look and feel designed for it down to every corner and detail. We take care of customer guidance and comfort, and we play a very strong role in creating a positive customer experience.

In the construction service team, we understand and know how to manage technical equipment and software. We build a lot of temporary connections and ensure the functionality of the technical equipment put into temporary use. Our tasks include e.g. installation tasks, cabling and assisting customer groups.

Events support team

  • Program Services
  • Partner Care
  • Media Services

The most important task of the program assistants working in the event production team is to take care of the services of different customer groups.  Assignments consist of public service support functions, tasks related to the event partners and media services.

In the program service team, our job may consist of, for example, welcoming performers and interviewees and take care of their needs. We are part of a team that takes care of the distribution of prizes and assists in its implementation. Some of us help announcers, hosts, presenters, video production, and musicians in their work. As a program assistant, we are brave to act and communicate fluently in Finnish and English. As a technical assistant, we have knowledge of technology and we also know the sport like our own pockets.

In the partner service team, our role is to help and take care of the partners and their needs in the event venue. We are happy, energetic, and customer service oriented.

In the media service team, we take care of domestic and international media representatives. We enable the media to focus fully on their work. We are multilingual, customer service oriented, proactive and flexible.

Catering team

The most important task of the volunteers working in the catering service team is to take care of catering operations and to ensure it is running smoothly throughout the event.

In the catering service team, we take care of the catering for stakeholders, volunteers, and partners. We work according to the service provider’s instructions by being also self-initiated and have ability to take responsibility.

In the catering service team, we also operate in sales outlets, taking care of their operations, sales, presentation, warehouse management and overall cleanliness. We are brisk and fearless to take on responsibilities so that customer service works flawlessly for the public.