Campsite - Caravan Park Ravilinna

Caravan park is only reserved for caravans and motor homes and it is located only about 6 kilometers from KymiRing raceway. Area is a local sporting center and it is walking distance from the centrum of Kausala. Parking is on gravel.

Reservation for caravans and motor homes, due to the limited space make your reservation asap. You can do reservations here!

Address of the caravan park: Veteraanitie 1, Kausala

Whole package prize is 220€ (incl. 10% VAT). The campsite will be open from Thursday 9 July 12 am until Monday 13 July 12 am.

During your stay you are not allowed to use tent in front of your caravan, 4 meter distance between caravans. Electricity 400W per caravan, you are not allowed to use air conditioning or water heater. Be prepared  to have your own cables. On area there are toilets and shower for eight people at the time. You also have possibility to empty your toilet system at the area.

From the area there is a bus transportation to KymiRing. Additional information from www.finlandmotogp.fi

From the downtown of the Kausala you will find two supermarkets, restaurants and a market area.

More info from Ravilinna’s webpage: www.ringraceclub.fi

Producer: Ring Race Club ry